Current Event 1/29/16

The topic of my article is home births and is found on and is titled “How safe are home births for mothers?”.
A majority of mothers in home births report having to foot the bill themselves, where as almost all hospital births are covered by private insurance or Medicaid. If that weren’t enough, women have to deal with the stigma associated with a home birth. Women may be told by their obstetrician they’re risking their baby’s life if they choose a home birth, with some obstetricians arguing that doctors have an ethical obligation to oppose home births.
This is very true and i believe that home births are very dangerous and if a woman had the time to make it to a hospital she should do everything she can to make it to a hospital for the safety of her child.

Current Event

My current event this week is called “California mass kidnapping: After being buried alive, victims relive nightmare” it is about a girl who was Burried alive and I found this article on

As a fourth-grader, she and 25 other children were snatched from their school bus by three men, taken to a remote quarry and forced into a moving van six feet underground.

Now, 39 years later, survivors of the Chowchilla bus kidnapping say they’re reliving that nightmare. “I just get nauseous at the very thought of it,” Carrejo Labendeira said. Now 49, she said she is “living the whole ordeal all over again … the whole kidnapping, just the buried alive, just the flashes of everything that has happened.”

This relates to me because it scares me to think that someone could and would do this to Someone. This also relates to the world because it changes the life’s of all their family’s.

Current Event

The title of my article is “Woman goes overboard during cruise ship dance party”. I found this article on
A search is underway in the waters off Cuba after a woman went overboard during a cruise ship dance party. The U.S. Coast Guard says the unidentified woman was reported missing Thursday night. The woman fell from the deck of the ship, 22 miles off the coast of Cuba.
This article affects me because im supposed to be going on a cruise this summer and i want to feel safe and secure on my vacation, not worried about falling overboard.
This also affects the world because it probably upsets the other passengers on this cruise and causes them stress and anxiety.

Spanish Menu

El Maraca
Desayuno (Comes with Two sides)

1.Burrito de salchicha, huevos, queso $ 4.56
(sausage, egg and cheese burrito)
2.Panqueques con fresa $ 5.23
(pancakes with strawberry and bacon)
3.Huevos tortilla de nuevos $ 2.24
(egg omelet)

Almuerzo (Comes with two sides)

1.Hamburguesa con queso $ 5.01
(hamburger with cheese)
2.Torta de Pollo $ 3.59
(Chicken Sandwich)
3.Torta de tocino, lechuga, tomate $ 5.99
( Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)


Bebidas (All $1.50)
1.Coke 4.Limonada 7.te
(coke) (lemonade) (tea)

2.Agua 5.Leche
(water) (milk)

3.Cafe 6.Jugo
(coffee) (juice)

Menú infantil (comes with two sides)
(Kids Menu)

1.Puerco y arroz $4.56
(Pork and rice)
2.Carne de res estofado $2.37
(beef stew)
3. Hamburguesas con queso y papas fritas $4.23
(hamburger with cheese and fries)
4. Frijoles y arroz $3.24
(beans and rice)
5. enchilada de pollo $4.45
(chicken enchilada)

galletas $ .50
2. pastel de uva y fresa $2.00
(grape and strawberry cake)
3. Cereza fruta pastel $1.50
(cherry fruit cake)
pescado y cebolla $2.43
(fish and onion)
2. Pavo y queso enchilada $2.50
(Turkey and cheese enchilada)
3. bistec y papas $4.16
(steak and potatoes)

Aperitivos y Lados
(appetizers and sides)
la papa y tocino y tomate salsa
(bacon and tomato sause) $ 3.45
2. alas (wings) $2.01
3. pretzels con queso (pretzels with cheese)$5.43

Humans Of New York

I’ve been so lucky to have two wonderful men in my life. My first husband died when I was 55. For six months, I did nothing but work, come home, feed the cats, and go to sleep. It got to the point where I realized that I was either going to rejoin the living, or I was going to crawl in a hole and die. I mentioned to a friend that I was about ready to ‘get out there’ again, and she told me about a friend named Ted that she wanted me to meet. He was also a widower. I never thought I’d fall in love again. Certainly not that quickly. But Ted and I got along so well that two months later we were engaged. Ted has never felt threatened by my love for my first husband. On the ten-year anniversary of his death, Ted helped me organize a memorial. And that meant so much to me. But he doesn’t come to Mets’ games with me. He’s a Yankees fan.”

This one is important to me because my mom was married for seven years and he passed away in a car accident and we both were very devastated about it and It gives me hope that she can be happy again and maybe get Married again.

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